Bike Dealership E-mail

Hello, Hannah from SIXR here! We are a distribution company dealing with premium motorcycle and bicycle accessories.

As we try to expand our brand presence here in Singapore, we understand that it is crucial to work with strong partners who are trusted by their customers for their quality of service and products as well as expertise. We are looking for reputable bike shops that sell accessories which we think our products would be a great addition to, and we believe you are just the partner we need! For bicycle gear, we have 2 brands: X-Guard (Handphone Mounts) and FIVE Gloves (Bicycle Gloves)

Note: For FIVE Gloves, currently our website only has the motorcycle range. However, we are looking to bring in bicycle gloves very soon. Which models are not decided yet, our dealers will get to choose the models that they believe would do the best here based on their experience and expertise.

Please let us know if you have any questions! We will be happy to come down to your location to show you real samples so you can better understand the products. Hope to hear from you soon!